Selection of a service providing company for PREPARATION OF PROJECT IT DATABASE AND BACKUP (ARCHIVING) of ACIP FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2021





Azerbaijan Republic

Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project

Loan No.8286-AZ

Date: 17.11.2021

Assignment Title: Selection of a service providing company for PREPARATION OF PROJECT IT DATABASE AND BACKUP (ARCHIVING) of ACIP FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2021


The Government of Azerbaijan has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for non-consulting services.


The project consists of four components:

  1. Component A – Support for sanitary and phytosanitary services, which is structured into three subcomponents: support: (i) Food Safety Capacity Building; (ii) Upgrading Plant Health and Phytosanitary System, and (iii) Animal Health and Veterinary Services.
  2. Component B - Agri-food value chain development. The activities will be structured into two sub-components: (i) Investment and advisory support for agribusiness value chain development, and (ii) Seed sector development.
  3. Component C – Financial services to agribusiness.
  4. Component D - Project Management.



The general objective of the assignment                                             


As per Government requirement, upon finalization of the Project, the Project related documentations need to be handed-over to the government archive office in the required manner.


Along with that, under the ACIP Project were developed a wide and important range of strategy planning, assessments, recommendation reports which need to be saved in proper manner. Therefore, the establishment of filing system of Project related legal documents, correspondence with the Bank on important agreements, Aide Memories, Contracts, deliverables, payments etc. is very important for needs. In addition, these documentations are beneficial as a rreference/sample for further new project implementation.


As the Project has several subcomponents and different Beneficiaries, Project related documentations and the developed TA deliverables are with different Beneficiaries; they need to be compiled and saved systematically.


In order to have database of deliverables and important Project related documents and make the database for further usage, The Executing Agency (EA) intends to hire service providing company.


Scope of services

  1. Preparation of project database

The assignment covers the whole project life from 2014 – 2021. All data on Project is available with Project Implementation Unit and will be delivered to service providing Company. The Service providing Company needs to prepare filling/database IT system covering but not limited the following mail stones:

  • Legal Documents (agreements, legal opinions, manuals and etc.)
  • Signed Contracts, deliverables under the following Components:

Component A – Support for sanitary and phytosanitary services,

Component B - Agri-food value chain development.  

Component C – Financial services to agribusiness

Component D - Project Management.

  1. Preparation of Scanned and hard copies

The project database must include all type of files as per availability (word, excel, hard copy and etc.) including the must requirement – scanned final versions. Project Implementation Unit will support the Service Providing Company with necessary equipment (scanning/copying machinery).

  1. Project documents Pack-up for hand over

The Service providing Company must have relevant staff with strong knowledge of government filling and hand-over requirement.  Furthermore, the Service providing Company must prepare the list of stationary requirement to pack the Project related documents.




The final products of the assignment are (i) Soft data base - Soft IT search system for easy access; (ii) scanned project documents and in case of need preparation of hard copies of selected documents;)(iii)  data packed up in accordance with Government standards Project documents.




The following REPORTS are required:


  1. Initial report, describing the approach and methodology, classification and timing (within 5 (five) days after the signing of the Contract);
  2. Draft version of IT search system and scanned version of required Project related documents for the year 2014-2017 (within 15 days after the Contract signature);
  3. Draft version of integrated database to the IT search system and scanned version of required Project related documents for the year 2018-2021 (within 30 days after the Contract signature);
  4. Final data base system with all considered information and pack-up of Project related documents in accordance with Government Archive office requirement (within 35 days after the Contract signature).



The Consultant shall perform the Services in work premises of Client for 1 month, the period commencing from November 2021, and continuing through December 30, 2021.


Team Composition and Qualification Requirements

The assignment will be carried out by Service Providing Company with the following experience and staffing:

-relevant experience specific to the assignment, i.e preparation of data base, archiving, search system and etc;

-Experience in Internationally Financed Project will be strong asset;

-relevant staffing (at least 5 key experts) with strong knowledge and experience minimum in the following areas: IT developer for data base/search system establishment; Team leader with strong knowledge and understanding of Internationally financed Projects; Project pack-up staff with strong experience and knowledge of Government requirements. It would be desirable to include the staff from archive service; well experienced finance or/and procurement or/and evaluation/monitoring staff; several technical staff for coping, printing, scanning, and etc. Staff should have experience in project related field (procurement management, finance, evaluation and monitoring etc.)

-Reporting skills of staff is highly required;

- Fluency in English and in Azerbaijani of proposed staff is required;

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants [under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants] by World Bank Borrowers January 2011 edition Revised July 2014 ("Consultant Guidelines"), setting forth the World Bank's policy on conflict of interest.


Consultant will be selected in accordance with the CQS Selection Based on Consultant’s Qualification method set out in the Consultant Guidelines.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 09:00 to 18:00.
Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, by mail or by e-mail) by November 26, 2021.



Agency for Agro Credit and Development under the Ministry of Agriculture / Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project

Anar Azimov

Project Director

AZ1075, 1965 Ziya Bunyadov avenue, Chinar Park Business Center, Baku Azerbaijan
Tel: +99412 525 01 17