Contract award for WUA capacity strengthening

Baku                                                                                                   June 4, 2020
Contract Award Notice


Project Name: Integrated Rural Development Project

Agency for Agro Credit and Development under the Ministry of Agriculture

of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Mode of Financing: Ordinary Istisna’a, Istisna’a under Jeddah Declaration

 Financing No: Az-034, 035, 036

Contract No. RIDS-W-5A

Scope of work: Water User Associations (WUA) capacity strengthening

Selection method: QCBS

Duration of Contract: June – November, 2020



Participating Consultants:



Read-out Prices (AZN)

Evaluated Prices (AZN)

Youth for Development (YFD)


662 368.0

561 329.1

"Educated Society" Support to Modern Education

513 111.2

434 840.0

Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (EDF)

639 741.0

542 153.0

ARPA Consulting


682 284.0

578 207.6



Rejected Consultants:





Awarded Consultant:




Contract Price (AZN)


Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (EDF)


639 741.0