Replanting - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is secondary planting subsidy?

Answer: In the case of fall planting or spring planting and the second planting during the summer months after collecting the harvest from the first planting by a person who has planted autumn or spring planting - corn, sunflower, soybean, millet, sorghum for fodder and potatoes - 86 manats per hectare of those crops is an additional planting subsidy
Question: When, how and where should a replanter apply?
Answer: Between June 1 and August 31, the person carrying out replanting must enter his declaration in EKTIS. A person can do this directly from the farmer's cabinet or enter the declaration into the system with the help of DAIM and ASAN service centers.
Question: Does the person applying for the replanting subsidy necessarily have received the first planting subsidy?
Answer: No, those who could not get the planting subsidy for the first planting can also apply for the replanting subsidy. The main condition is that the declaration of the first planting is included in EKTIS.
Question: What plants should be the first planting?
Answer: The condition regarding which plant should be first planted has not been determined.
Question: What kind of plants should the replanting consist of?
Answer: If one or more sunflower, corn, soy, millet, forage sorghum, and potato crops are planted, the replanting subsidy can be applied.
Question: What if the application period is transferred?
Answer: Replanting subsidy will not be given if no application is made between June 1 and August 31.
Question: Can replanting be declared for different areas?
Answer: No, replanting must be declared in the area where the first planting was carried out and the area must be drawn on the map in EKTIS. Farmers who cannot carry out the boot directly can ask for help from DAIMs.
Question: Replanting subsidy amount?
Answer: The replanting subsidy amount is 86 AZN.
Question: When will replanting subsidy payments be made?
Answer: Payments will be made starting from September after applications are collected and monitoring is carried out.
Question: How will the replanting subsidy be paid?
Answer: The replanting subsidy will be transferred to the farmer's card.
Question: Can I use the replanting subsidy by encashing it?
Answer: Since the replanting subsidy is in the category of planting subsidy, 25% of it is used in cash, 75% is used for the purchase of agricultural production tools for planting, conducting agrochemical analysis of soils, purchasing and building modern irrigation systems and poles for perennial plantings.
Question: How long can I keep the subsidy amount on my farmer card?
Answer: 2 years at most. If there is a subsidy amount that has not been used within two years, a warning is sent to the farmer, if it is not used within the next 3 months, the farmer is not given a new subsidy.