United States Agency for International Development

  • United States Agency for International Development


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was established on November 3, 1961. Headquartered in Washington DC, USA. USAID operates in about 110 countries of the world through 5 regional offices. The organization mainly operates in the fields of poverty reduction, disease reduction, socio-economic development, environment, and cooperation related to global issues. USAID has been operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1992. Due to the 907th amendment to the Freedom Support Act that year, the main activity was limited to humanitarian aid. According to the "Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Joint Financing of Selected American Government Assistance Programs in Azerbaijan" signed on April 7, 2009, USAID is implementing 1 joint project with the Government of Azerbaijan. Also, the private sector acts as a beneficiary of a number of projects implemented by USAID.

Projects implemented by USAID in Azerbaijan:

Name of the project


Period of performance

Executive organization

Private sector development

Diversification of the non-oil economy by initiating the development of small and medium agribusinesses and farmers

Improvement of favorable business environment for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs

Supporting the economic reforms implemented in Azerbaijan.


Locust Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caucasus and Central Asia (CACA)"

To ensure the improvement of food security and well-being of the rural population of the QMA by predicting, preventing, and limiting the threat posed by locusts, i.e., by reducing the potential impact of the frequency and intensity of locust crises on farmland, natural pastures, human health, and the environment in the event of the occurrence.