Required documents

  • Letter of application (letter of application submitted on behalf of an official authorized person of the Authorized Credit Institution)
  • Form 1 (provided by the Authorized Credit Institution)
  • Identity card (provided by the Buyer)
  • TIN (Provided by Buyer)
  • Founding documents of a legal entity - charter, extract from the state register (provided by the Buyer)
  • Customer Application (Submitted by Buyer)
  • Application form (provided by the Buyer)
  • Initial payment receipt (provided by the Buyer)
  • Contract (purchase agreement) (provided by the Buyer)
  • Insurance payment receipt (provided by the Buyer)
  • Insurance certificate (provided by the Buyer)
  • Technical classification of the characteristics of the equipment (provided by the Buyer)
  • Technical warranty from the supplier (provided by the Buyer)
  • Customs declaration (provided by the Buyer)
  • Invoice and packing list (provided by the buyer)
  • Appraisal certificate (provided by the Buyer)
  • Invoice for locally assembled machinery (provided by Buyer)
  • Cold storage
      • o Document of the land where the cold storage will be built (provided by the Buyer)
        o Technological structure of the project (with the dimensions of the area and the address) (provided by the Buyer)
        o Document related to the construction lease (made by the buyer) 
    • Irrigation systems
        • o Document of the land where the irrigation systems will be installed (provided by the Buyer)
          o Technological map of the project with area dimensions and address (provided by the Buyer)