Cocoon subsidy

Cocoon subsidy – subsidy given for each kilogram of fresh cocoons produced in the country and delivered to suppliers;
The cocoon subsidy is given to farmers producing cocoons in the amount of 6 AZN for each kilogram of wet cocoons produced and delivered to the supplier (except for spun and shelled cocoons) (must be entered in SIS by June 30 of each year).
At the same time, uncle Mammad keeps a mulberry silkworm. He delivers 85 kg of wet cocoons to the supplier. How will Uncle Mammad's cocoon subsidy be calculated?
Calculation of cocoon subsidy:
Amount of cocoon x 6 AZN = cocoon subsidy Uncle Mammad receives a subsidy according to the cocoon in the amount of 85 x 6 = 510 AZN.