Cocoon subsidy

Administrative service procedures :
·         Step 1. Farmers who want to grow cocoons get familiar with the requirements to become cocoon farmers in February every year and apply to buy cocoon seeds and mulberry silkworms if they have suitable cocoons.
·         Step 2. The information about the cocoon seeds and mulberry silkworms they bought is declared in EKTIS every year between April 10 and May 15. If the purchase was made through EKTIS, the information about it is automatically reflected in the farmer's personal cabinet.
·         Step 3. The farmer delivers the wet cocoon he produced to the supplier.
·         Step 4. A copy of the receipt by the farmer and electronic information by the supplier regarding the amount of fresh cocoons delivered is entered into EKTIS by June 30 of each year.
·         Step 5. Based on the entered information, an electronic declaration is created and reflected in the "Subsidies" section of the farmer's personal cabinet. Subsidy in the amount of 6 manats is calculated for each kilogram of wet cocoons (except for twisted and carapace cocoons).
·         Step 6. If the farmer agrees with the information in the electronic declaration (application) reflected in his personal cabinet between July 1 and 15, he approves his subsidy application. If there is no agreement, he applies to the supplier or DAIM through EKTIS and approves his application after the issue is clarified.
·         Step 7. Electronic declarations approved by the farmer enter DAIM in real time and are approved by DAIM within 3 days.
·         Step 8. Based on the approved application, the subsidy payment is made by AKIA within 15 working days.
·         Suppliers - are natural and legal persons who are registered in EKTIS and carry out the supply (purchase) of agricultural products according to subsection 1.2.7 of the Regulation.