Cocoon subsidy

Regulation “On cocoon subsidy” service
1.Service name
Cocoon subsidy
2. Content of the Service
Providing a subsidy for each kilogram of fresh cocoons produced in the country and delivered to suppliers.
3. The name of the institution and (or) structural unit that performs the service
Agrarian Credit and Development Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - AKIA), State Agrarian Development Centers of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - DAIM).
4. The name of another institution or structural unit involved in the performance of the service
Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan in "ASAN service" centers, SME friends in small and medium business (hereinafter - SME) houses.
5. Legal Basis of the Service
•   "Regulation on subsidizing agricultural production" approved by Decree No. 759 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 27, 2019
(hereinafter - Rule) subsection 1.2.14 and clause 4.3
6. Forms of service provision
• Electronic application and electronic presentation of the result;
• Electronic presentation of the application and result by coming to the service place
7. Form of informing about the service implementation and result procedure
•   Notification by e-mail;
• Information through a personal cabinet;
• Notification via SMS.
8. Result of service implementation
9. Service user information
Individuals and legal entities (farmers)
Note: A farmer is a person who is a producer of agricultural products and registered in the "Electronic agriculture" information system (hereafter - EKTIS) based on his FIN/TIN number and mobile number in his name.
10. Duration of service
Within 15 working days after the application is approved by DAIM.
11. Time and duration of receiving applications for the implementation of the service
Electronic applications are approved and accepted in real time.
12. Place of service
EKTIS (in electronic environment), DAIM, "ASAN service" centers or administrative buildings of SMEs.
13. Legal grounds for suspension or refusal of service
According to clauses 2.10, 4.3 and half of 4.4.4 of the Regulation, the subsidy is refused in the following cases:
• if the farmer is not registered in EKTIS;
• the cocoon that is handed over is bent or karapachak;
• if the required information and documents are not submitted correctly or on time to EKTIS.
14. Documents required for the implementation of the service and their submission form
• Electronic approval;
• Documents confirming the delivery of the produced wet cocoon to the suppliers (Receipt of product acceptance)
• Information about the wet cocoons supplied by the suppliers from the farmer (reception point, cocoon gender, type, weight, delivery date)
15. Samples of the relevant documents (application, form, etc.) required to be filled in for the implementation of the service
The application and documents are created automatically in EKTIS and presented to the farmer through the electronic cabinet.
16. Implementation of the service on a paid and free basis, the amount of the paid service, legal basis and methods of payment
17. Xidmətin həyata keçirilməsi üçün inzibati prosedurlar
Step 1. Farmers who want to grow cocoons get acquainted with the requirements to become cocoon farmers every year in February and apply to buy cocoon seeds and mulberry silkworms if they have suitable cocoons.
Step 2. The information about the cocoon seeds and mulberry silkworms they bought is declared in EKTIS every year between April 10 and May 15. If the purchase was made through EKTIS, the information about it is automatically reflected in the farmer's personal cabinet.
Step 3. The farmer delivers the wet cocoon he produced to the supplier.
Step 4. The speed of the receipt by the farmer and the electronic information by the supplier regarding the amount of delivered wet cocoons are entered into EKTIS by June 30 of each year.
Step 5. Based on the entered information, an electronic declaration is generated and reflected in the "Subsidies" section of the farmer's personal cabinet. Subsidy in the amount of 6 manats is calculated for each kilogram of wet cocoons (except for twisted and carapace cocoons).
Step 6. If the farmer agrees with the information in the electronic declaration (application) reflected in his personal cabinet between July 1 and 15, he approves his subsidy application. If there is no agreement, he applies to the supplier or DAIM through EKTIS and approves his application after the issue is clarified.
Step 7. Electronic declarations approved by the farmer enter DAIM in real time and are approved by DAIM within 3 days.
Step 8. Based on the approved application, the subsidy payment is made by AKIA within 15 working days.
Suppliers - are natural and legal persons who are registered in EKTIS and carry out the supply (purchase) of agricultural products according to subsection 1.2.7 of the Regulation.
18. Information on the possibility of pre-trial (out-of-court) resolution of disputes arising during the use of the service
The applicant may file an administrative complaint with the DAIM on any matter that does not satisfy him regarding the provided service, and on the decisions of the DAIM with the AKIA. Complaints can be made on paper or through EKTIS. The form of the administrative complaint must be in accordance with Article 74 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Administrative Proceedings" and the complaint is considered for a period of 1 month in accordance with the requirements of Article 78 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Administrative Proceedings".
19. The information system and resources used in the implementation of the service
20. Electronicization level of the service
21. Level of automation of electronic service
Partially automated
22. Legal basis and date of service changes and service termination