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  • Japan International Cooperation Agency International donors


Cooperation with JICA has been started since 1996. In 2009, a local office of JICA was established in Baku. The Ministry of Agriculture continues to cooperate with international organizations on the priority areas of the agricultural sector. At the same time, works on the implementation of various projects are being carried out by the National Agrarian Credit and Development Agency (AKIA) under the Ministry, as the institution responsible for the implementation and coordination of projects in the field of agriculture, together with international organizations. The "Small Grant Projects" competition is held every year in order to support the initiative of the graduates of the training programs of the Japan International Cooperation Agency by promoting social and economic development in Azerbaijan. The project proposals "Purchase of Pasteurizer equipment to increase the quality of milk and dairy products in Azerbaijan" and "Purchase of automatic irrigation equipment" submitted by the Agrarian Credit and Development Agency within the framework of the "Small Grant Projects" competition announced for the members of the Azerbaijan Alumni Association of JICA were declared winners. . Those equipments were presented to the beneficiaries of the "Increasing Agricultural Employment" (AMAL) and "Increasing Women's Economic Powers (WEP)" projects implemented within the framework of the FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Program (FATP). The equipment purchased within the framework of the project "Purchase of equipment for young farmers of Ismayilli district" with a grant value of 2800 USD was purchased within the framework of the project supported by JICA to a young farmer from Ivanovka village of Ismayilli district, AMAL beneficiary, group leader Rahib Agayev and 4 other members of that group. sheep shearing machine, 2 tents, 4 boxes of veterinary syringes, 2 portable generators and 2 1-ton plastic water tanks were delivered.
 At the same time, 1,000 brochures containing 8 sheets covering AKIA's credit and subsidy policy were prepared based on the contract signed with "UNIKALPRINT" LLC with the remaining funds of 1,500 USD (including design, printing and delivery) in the budget, and to inform farmers in the regions, Agriculture It was submitted to the State Agrarian Development Centers under the Ministry.