Seed subsidy

                               “Regulation on "Seed subsidy provision" service

1. Service name
Seed subsidy.
2. Content of the Service
Providing subsidies for the sale of certified 1st and 2nd reproduction seeds and seedlings produced in the country.
3. The name of the state body performing the service and (or) its structural division
Agrarian Credit and Development Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - AKIA), State Agrarian Development Centers of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - DAIM).
4. The name of the state body and (or) its structural division participating in the service
Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan in "ASAN service" centers of the Agrarian Services Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - AXA), SME friends in the houses of small and medium businesses (hereinafter - SME).
5. Legal Basis of the Service
Subsection 1.2.11 and Part 3 of the "Regulation on subsidizing agricultural production" (hereinafter - the Regulation) approved by Decree No. 759 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 27, 2019.
6. Forms of service implementation
• Electronic application and electronic presentation of the result;
           • Electronic presentation of the application and result by coming to the service place.
7. Form of informing about the service implementation and result procedure
          •   Notification by e-mail;
           • Information through a personal cabinet;
           • SMS notification.
8. Result of service implementation
9. Service user information
Individuals and legal entities
Note: Farmer-Seeder (Seeder) is a person who is a producer of agricultural products and also a seller of agricultural production tools (seeds), who is registered in the "Electronic Agriculture" information system (EKTIS) based on his FIN/TIN number and mobile number in his name. .
10. Duration of service
Within 15 days after approval of electronic approval by AKIA.
11. Time and duration of receiving applications for the implementation of the service
Electronic applications are approved and accepted in real time.
12. Service place
EKTIS (in electronic environment), DAIM, "ASAN service" centers or in the administrative buildings of KOB.
13. Legal grounds for suspension or denial of service
According to clauses 2.10, 3.6, 3.7, 3.18, sub-clauses 1.2.11, 3.8.4 of the Regulation, the subsidy is refused in the following cases:
• if the farmer is not registered in EKTIS;
• when cultivation is carried out on residential areas, as well as on other non-agricultural lands;
• In the case of an application related to the sale of seeds or seedlings that are not of the 1st and 2nd reproduction, are sold in excess of the need for planting/sowing, and are not produced in the country;
• if the required documents and information are not submitted correctly and on time.
14. Documents required for the implementation of the service and their submission form
• information about predicted and carried out seed planting and planting areas;
• electronic declaration on application for seed subsidy;
• to you, who approves the sale of seeds and seedlings dlər.
15. Samples of the relevant documents (application, form, etc.) required to be filled in for the implementation of the service
The application and documents are created automatically in EKTIS and presented to the farmer through the electronic cabinet.
16. Implementation of the service on a paid or free basis, amount of paid service, legal basis and methods of payment
17. Administrative procedures for the implementation of the service
Step 1. Farmer - Sower - registers in EKTIS as a supplier. For this, if the farmer has previously received this status from AXA, he registers by entering the certificate number into the system. A farmer who wants to get this status for the first time should apply for the appropriate service (obtaining a seed-planter's certificate) at AXA.
Supplier – is a natural or legal person who sells agricultural production tools (seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides) and is registered in EKTIS according to subsection 1.2.8 of the Regulation.
Step 2. Farmer - Seed Grower (Planter) - apply for the planting subsidy related to the seeds and seedlings grown in the country and go through the relevant procedures. The absence of this request warrants an investigation to determine the source of the seed or seedling being sold.
Step 3. Farmer - Sower (Planter) - applies for the approval of the seeds and seedlings he produces every year.
Step 4. AXA approves the agricultural land within 10 days, and the opinion is entered into EKTIS.
Step 5. Farmer-Seeder (Seeder) - applies for certification of seeds and seedlings through EKTIS, and certification of produced seeds and seedlings is carried out by AXA within 15 days.
Step 6. Farmer - Seed Grower (Seeder) - enters information about the amount of certified seeds and seedlings into EKTIS (electronic warehouse) as a Supplier.
Step 7. Farmer - Seed Grower - As a supplier sells seeds and seedlings through EKTIS, enters information about this into EKTIS. The information on annual sales must be entered into EKTIS no later than December 10.
Step 8. Based on the entered data, an electronic declaration (application) containing the amount of the seed subsidy calculated in EKTIS is formed and the Farmer-Seeder (Seeder) approves the application through his personal office.
Note: When calculating the subsidy, the amount of seeds and seedlings sold to farmers in excess of their planting needs is not taken into account. The need for planting per hectare for each plant is reflected in EKTIS.
Note: The subsidy is given for each plant based on the seed coefficient, quota (maximum kg) announced by the Agrarian Subsidy Council. Coefficients and quotas are reflected in EKTIS.
Calculation of seed subsidy = (Base amount (AZN 200) × seed coefficient (announced for each plant)) × amount of seeds or seedlings submitted by the farmer to the subsidy × (quota / sum of the amount of seeds and seedlings submitted to the subsidy)
Step 9. The subsidy payment is transferred to the account of the Farmer - Sower within 15 days after the electronic declarations are approved by AKIA.
18. Information on the possibilities of pre-trial (out-of-court) settlement of disputes arising during the use of the service
The applicant may file an administrative complaint with the DAIM on any matter that does not satisfy him regarding the provided service, and on the decisions of the DAIM with the AKIA. Complaints can be made on paper or through EKTIS. The form of the administrative complaint must be in accordance with Article 74 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Administrative Proceedings" and the complaint is considered for a period of 1 month in accordance with the requirements of Article 78 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Administrative Proceedings".
19. The information system and resources used in the implementation of the service
20. Level of service electronicization
21. Level of automation of electronic service
Partially automated
22. Legal basis and date of service changes and service cancellation