Product subsidy

Administrative service procedures:
  • Step 1. Suppliers enter the pre-contract with the farmer on the product they will buy into EKTIS.
  • Step 2. If the farmer has applied for a planting subsidy for the plant for which he will receive a crop subsidy, the procedures related to that subsidy are carried out. A farmer who has not applied for a crop subsidy, simply applying for a crop subsidy is the basis for investigating the source of that crop.
  • Step 3. The farmer delivers his products to the supplier. The supplier enters the information about the type and quantity of the agricultural product he received, and the farmer enters the documents (receipts of the product) about the delivery of the product to the supplier in EKTIS.
  • Note: Payments related to documents submitted after December 15 of each year are made in the 2nd quarter of the following year.
  • Step 4. Based on the type and quantity of delivered product, an electronic declaration on product subsidy is formed and entered in the "Subsidies" section of the farmer's cabinet. The amount of product subsidy is calculated as follows.
  • Crop subsidy = base amount (AZN 200) × crop coefficient (defined and announced annually by the Agricultural Subsidy Council for some crops to promote productivity)
  • Step 5. The farmer approves the electronic declaration on the product subsidy application in his personal cabinet. If the farmer is not satisfied with the amount of product indicated in the declaration and the calculated amount, he complains through EKTIS, DAIM or directly to the supplier.
  • Step 6. The Supplier, who corrects or refuses to correct the data based on the farmer's complaint, enters a justification for this in EKTIS.
  • Step 7. After the farmer approval, the electronic declaration is approved by DAIM. The source of the crop of the farmer who did not apply for planting subsidy is investigated and the declaration is approved or rejected.
  • Step 8. AKIA transfers the subsidy payment to the farmer's account for approved applications by the end of the month.